There is physicality in analog recordings. Video and sound information is embedded into tactile items, unlike intangible digital formats. Susceptible to malfunctions and distortions unique to the medium, analog objects have a heavy presence of the hand and time in its manipulations. The exhibition Wow and Flutter: Dynamic Range in Analog Art unites artists exploring visual and audio analog techniques in their work. Opening reception at Johalla Projects 1561 N. Milwaukee 2nd floor, is June 10th from 7-10pm. Exhibition continues until June 22nd and is by appointment only.

Work by:
Ron Ewert, Chris Fischer, Mike Kloss, Bryan Lear, Brett Naucke and Triangle Incorporated.

Wow and Flutter: Dynamic Range in Analog Art
Johalla Projects
1561 N Milwaukee 2nd Floor
Opening Reception June 10th 7-10pm
Exhibition continues through June 22