Hey everyone! 

We here at Johalla Projects are excited to start 2012 and our new season of programming! As January gets underway, we have decided to revamp our online outlets. These updates include new looks and much more current and relevant content for our website, our blog, our Tumblr, our Twitter, and our Facebook. We want to get YOU involved and provide really cool information and great art for anyone and everyone interested! 

Just as a little refresher for you all, look for us on all of the following:

Website: johallaprojects.com

Twitter: @JohallaProjects

Blog: johallaprojects.wordpress.com

Tumblr: johallaprojects.tumblr.com

Facebook: JohallaProjects

Contact: johallaprojects@gmail.com

We look forward to hearing from you in 2012! 

Source: http://johallaprojects.com