Logan Square CTA Bus Terminal  

Located at the Logan Square CTA bus terminal at Milwaukee Avenue and Kedzie.
Created by Nick Adam and Thor “Thunder Circus” Goodlife in collaboration with Johalla Projects.

Home, it is the place we come to live and to love. It is where growth and investments flourish. It is where respect and care resides. Be it where we are coming from or where we are aiming to go, the concept of home travels universally for each of us on a personal level. It is ours, it is yours, and it is mine. These familiar sentiments are why we care for our homes.

Walls serve the functional purpose of creating shelter. In the same respect, they can be utilized for emotional, aesthetic good.

Our mural serves as a visual expansion of the home to include the neighborhood. It raises awareness and is a reminder that our public space is where we live as well. It is a welcome‐mat inviting life, love, growth, investment, respect and care. It’s these characteristics of home that lend themselves towards thriving and prosperous communities.