Dont Fret

Lives and works in Chicago, IL

The consummate wise guy, Dont Fret is best known for his wheat paste characters and musings that he places on streets in cities around the world. Stylized and distinct, these figures are simultaneously witty, sardonic, and oddly charming. They generally “belong” with the street or neighborhood where they reside and unapologetically point to larger themes of the locale or culture. The humor and bluntness of the characters’ thoughts or the artist’s standalone texts reconsider the obvious and invite the viewer to laugh, feel uncomfortable, or think twice. 

DONT FRET is an artist born, raised, and currently working in Chicago. In addition to his wheat pasting, his practice includes drawing, painting, sculpture, performance and installation-based work both on the street and in the gallery space. He has produced large-scale public murals in a number of American cities including New York, Miami, Grand Rapids, and Denver as well as internationally in cities like São Paulo and Berlin. His work has been in a number of gallery exhibitions nationally and internationally, with shows in Chicago, New York, London, and Oakland. In 2014, he was included Paint Paste Sticker — the large Chicago street art survey at the Chicago Cultural Center. Dont Fret was voted "Best Visual Artist" in the 2013 iteration of Chicago Reader's "Best of Chicago" list and was also a featured artist at the SCOPE Art Show Miami Beach. 


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