Ryan Duggan

At the CTA California Blue Line Station

The CTA, in collaboration with West Town’s Johalla Projects, has selected Ryan Duggan as their featured artist for the new installation at the California Blue Line Stop. The mural is entitled Today Is Yours and will occupy a 4’ x 8’ space on the northwest interior wall residing at the base of the platform staircase. This is artwork is part of an innovative initiative to remove art from the confines of the gallery and provide
accessibility to thousands of daily CTA riders.

The everyday routine that is overcrowded and leaves no room or time for personal reflection or creative production, gives way to a succession of days that seem to be part of the same, neverending stream of conscious indifference. Ryan Duggan, an artist in affiliation with Johalla Projects, states that his piece is meant to remind us all that “each day is a gift and we should make efforts, no matter how small, to make use of our limited time here.” Perhaps, through his personal artistic effort to influence and inspire others, Duggan will prompt the next great maker or thinker to take the next step into the unknown and away from the daily and familiar. His message is clear: today really is yours—and mine, and ours.