Activate 2014

May 1, 2014
At the Sullivan Center Alleyway, Chicago, IL

Curated by Johalla Projects

The large public installation will ACTIVATE the expansive alleyway located on Monroe Street between Wabash Avenue and State Street with a large number of works created by local artists that celebrate the annual "death" of winter and "rebirth" of spring. DJ Curse Mackey (Pigface, Thrill Kill Kult, Evil Mothers) will also perform.

For this pop-up installation, Johalla Projects will collaborate with a number of Chicago artists, including Todd Diederich, Ben Foch, Heather Gabel, Brittni Hessler, Andrea Jablonski, Damara Kaminecki, Ellen Nielsen, and Meg Noe to create an immersive experience for the public. Replete with a variety of artwork that stimulates the senses and celebrates the new season, the installation also provides a space for reflecting on the cyclically charged experience of life.