March 15, 2019 - Present
at The Mill

Chicago based artist Caroline Liu is a painter, illustrator, and muralist. Her work explores the complex layers of perception, memory, self-reflection and the self within a community. Rich with symbolism, her compositions contain a powerful iconography of totems, flora and fauna, patterns, and portraiture that is paired with her electric and vibrant color pallet. Johalla Projects collaborated with the Mill, a VFX studio located in Fulton Market to transform their lobby entrance into a large-scale mural project by Liu.

Her work is deeply connected to her personal narrative and memories while also evoking a wider sense of universality in the themes of vulnerability, loss, strength, and togetherness. In this mural, Liu uses her own fear of eels to represent the idea of fear within one’s self and within a community. Twisting and knotting into entanglement, the eels are juxtaposed against Liu’s iconic bright color pallet to create a space where fear is both present and overcome. The eels are a reminder that sometimes fears can be beautiful, while ultimately showing that we can learn how to grow from them. We’ve enjoyed working alongside the Mill and Liu to make this mural happen and transform their lobby space into a powerful presentation of contemporary art in Chicago.