Caroline liu

Caroline Liu, is a painter, illustrator, and muralist currently living and working in Chicago, IL. Her work focuses on creating visual narratives that navigate the inner workings of her concussed mind. Through painting, Liu uses her work as a therapeutic practice to hold onto memories she would otherwise forget, as well as a vehicle for self-exploration and documentation of her personal identity.

She focuses on creating illusory moments that highlight and camouflage the individual self, the self within the self, as well as the self within a community. Liu uses a mix between individual portraits and the totem structure to illustrate themes of vulnerability, loss, strength, and togetherness. Symbolism plays an important part in her work through each color, pattern, texture, and motif, which relate directly back to specific memories in her life.

Through these portraits, Liu is able to understand her own identity better, as well as create a larger discourse of the systems that hold our personhood together.