Love Lost

March 5 - March 31, 2018
at the Chicago Athletic Association

Love Lost is an installation based on the imagined inner mind of the artist searching for love that is lost within, beside, and to yourself. The eyes serve as portals to the journey, remembering memories of color, shadows, taste, and touch. It serves as a temporal visual reminder of the comfort and uneasiness found in the space in between.

Caroline Liu is a visual artist who creates paintings that visually navigate the inner workings of her concussed mind. Her work is a therapeutic practice for holding onto memories she’d otherwise forget, as well as a vehicle for self-exploration and documentation of her everyday struggles as a person with irreparable memory loss. Her current body of work focuses on her body and mind, with overlying themes of vulnerability and loss. Through her usage of repetitious colors and patterns, she both camouflages and exposes the many facets of her identity.